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New entry: Thursday 20th March 2014  -

We've been very slack with the blog updates.. over a year since the last one.  Anyway we performed two dates in France in December 2013 as part of the Jim Morrison's 70th Birthday celebration and had a great time. We were in fact featured on French national TV who covered the gig. You can watch the video here on the right of the page.

2014 is shaping up well.. we have three theatre gigs booked up and are performing at 4 festivals...

Maryport Festival in Cumbria (May)
Forever Sun in Dorset, Festwich in Manchester, (July)
V Dub Island on the Isle of Wight.. in fact it's on the exact same site the Doors performed on in 1970!!

Anyway hopefully we'll see some of you there.

Love and Peace Frogs

Grant aka Jimitator

Our appearance on the Alcaline Show on French National TV
 in February 2014.